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What is a Role Charter?

When Green Baize Door asks a client to provide the Job Description for a role they are looking to fill, we are often sent a Role Charter…….    While the difference between a Role Charter and Job Description can be subtle, in a large household which employs more than 1 person in any given department, … Continue reading "What is a Role Charter?"

How to Hire Household Staff:

1. Domestic Staff Agencies   Agencies probably place more staff into private households and commercial venues than all the other means of finding domestic staff put together! When done well, an agency will not compromise standards, they will listen carefully to both the employee and employer’s requirements, build up a strong personal relationship based on … Continue reading "How to Hire Household Staff:"

The History of Household Staff

History of household staff From the Middle Ages, Royalty and the landed gentry have enjoyed being cosseted by household staff. In the earliest days, the upper echelons of the household hierarchy were drawn from the local landowners and the minor members of the master’s family. The highest ranking household staff were often of noble birth, … Continue reading "The History of Household Staff"



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