Specialist Services for Beautiful Homes…



The need to locate superlative specialist services has never been greater.

The companies, artisans and individuals that we list, all of whom are available at the click of a mouse, have been listed because they are known to us personally and offer reliable, prompt and a truly superb level of service.



Private security specialists Blackstone Consultancy provide individuals and companies with bespoke, discreet, yet exceptionally vigilant security arrangements.


Young Guns Group has established itself as a leading provider of entertainment for exclusive events both in the UK and internationally. Having positioned itself at the centre of a range of creative industries, it has carefully forged a reputation for faultless service and exceptional quality.


Maddison Black Fine Bespoke Lighting, based in Oxfordshire, operate internationally, serving the bespoke chandelier and decorative lighting needs of clients requiring the very best service in this specialised field.


Rob Van Helden floral designs is synonymous with the best of international floristry – setting the standards of artistic accomplishment. RVH has an outstanding reputation which has been built on customer satisfaction and recommendation.


Thomas Goode is Recognised by the cognoscenti as being the home of the world’s finest tableware, china, silverware and glassware; and the preferred purveyor of exclusive luxury goods to Royal Households and great families.


Atelier DL, is a gallery devoted to the golden age of decorative arts. We propose a journey through the great artistic and aesthetic movements of history; Japonisme, Orientalism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the new design movements which appeared at the end of the 1940’s and in the 1950’s… Our expertise and research focuses on finding works that exhibit exceptional design combined with faultless execution, pieces that are timeless, rare and authentic creations. Situated at: 12, rue des beaux-arts, 75006 Paris.


For over a century The White House has been supplying the finest linens & towelling, as well as a wide range of luxurious and elegant interior accessories to the world’s most prestigious residential homes, super-yachts and aircraft.

Our traditional values have remained unchanged with the emphasis on design, the highest quality fabrics and finishing, personal-service and realistic pricing. The White House is proud to stick rigidly to the principal that only the very best will do!


Internationally renowned for both her classically elegant interiors and her contemporary flair, Jane Churchill’s interior design work has made her a household name both at home and abroad.


Claudio Martins is a dedicated and service focused Wine Director, Consultant and Connoisseur, offering extensive expertise promoting new products, penetrating emerging markets and providing specialist wine and cellar related advice to clients that include, renowned deluxe hospitality establishments, royal families & private individuals.

Claudio Martins a published author of numerous articles including ‘Spain Round Table’ in Harper’s magazine as well as being the  runner up for Decanter World Wine Awards (2013) and IWC Merchant of the Year Award (2013).


For generations The Stockwell Family have been designing and making luxurious bespoke, hand-made and machine-made carpets using the finest: silk; wool; worsted-wool; cotton and bamboo yarns. From the drawing-boards of an outstanding design team, combined with the highest quality yarns and carefully chosen specialist weavers, they create custom-made carpets of incredibly beauty, to grace the world’s finest interiors: on land, in the air and at sea!