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Offering a professional and unique perspective of the recruitment industry we serve, our objectives are numerous. They include providing a service that is fair, ethical and always legal. We aim to promote, encourage and exercise good recruitment practice in order to deliver a high standard of service to both our clients and each of the candidates that we represent. Communication and two-way feedback is provided to all those involved along with making ourselves available for any issues that may occur. Assistance with contractual and legal questions will be offered, together with help in facilitating problems that may arise after a placement has been made. Most importantly we follow and promote both government and industry codes of practice.

Finally, seeing little point in submerging our clients in a mountain of resumes, we endeavour to present a small, carefully selected, group of candidates who are, in our opinion, perfectly aligned to the needs of each role.



“Horses for Courses!” Not only must we find Household Staff that can do their jobs beautifully, but we understand the importance of finding candidates with the right polish, personality and character to perfectly complement the unique style of your home and lifestyle.



Before we present you with candidate’s resumes, Green Baize Door’s consultants need to understand your expectations, define the job description and candidate’ profile, and agree the salary and package that will be offered. Only then can we review potential candidate’s skill-sets, personality, character and style of presentation, to ensure they are perfectly aligned to your requirements.


We will send you our terms of engagement to review, and we ask that you read them carefully and revert back to us if you have any questions or queries. If you would like to engage our services, before we start the search for a new employee, you will need to sign the terms of engagement and send them back to us by email or post.


Preparation is vital, so either by telephone, email or in a face-to-face meeting, we will take the time to define your requirements, understand the responsibilities of each role, and agree the terms of employment offered. When we have a clear understanding of the position and the benefits provided we can then start the search.


When we have all the elements in place we can start the employee search, using our extensive database, address book and established network of contacts, or in some instances, this may involve launching an advertisement campaign. In all instances, candidates will be vetted, references checked and DBS checks processed where necessary.


Over the years we have refined our terms of engagement, to provide a contract that we believe fairly serves all three parties: The Client, The Employee and The Agent. Unlike most of our competitors we do not hide our terms of engagement, instead, they are here for you to review.

Download our Terms of Engagement,
Full Time Placements.

Download our Terms of Engagement,
Freelance and Seasonal Placements.


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    Our consultants have not only worked in the industry we serve, but they have also worked in the Human Resource Industry. With their experience comes the valuable understanding of the unique requirements needed to: source; shortlist; interview; reference and cross-check candidate’s credentials with the needs of each employer. The majority of our recommendations come by word-of-mouth and offer testament to our proven success in making good placements.



    With more than thirty-five years Private-Service & Recruitment experience, Kevin founded Green Baize Door Ltd in the Spring of 2005, and has gone onto place high calibre domestic staff into palaces, ambassadorial residences, renowned private households and aboard the world’s most beautiful super yachts. Read more..

    More recently, Kevin has overseen the successful delivery of Hospitality Consultancy Projects both large and small, in Europe and The Middle East. These projects focused on providing comprehensive, advisory, management and recruitment solutions for all manner of bespoke and high-end hospitality environments. Green Baize Door have also been privileged to win contracts to partner with globally renowned and respected Business Consultancy firms, assisting them with the delivery of niche, private-service related subject matter. Prior to Green Baize Door, Kevin started his career as footman at The British Embassy in Paris, which regularly receives British Royalty, European Aristocrats, World Leaders & Heads of Industry. Kevin moved on to work as Butler & House-Manager for numerous families, including Count Gritti, Mr. & Mrs. Urs Schwarzenbach and Lord & Lady Black along with the late Sir Evelyn and Lady Victoria de Rothschild. In the role of Director of Palaces for Their Majesties King Abdullah & Queen Rania of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon, Kevin was responsible for the hospitality departments, and for organising 2 State Banquets and 1 Return Banquet to host The Spanish Royal Family. Kevin later worked for Sir Len & Lady Blavatnik and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Hamed Al-Thani as Chief-of-Staff.



    With more than twenty years’ experience, Clare has been working in private staff recruitment as a consultant and manager for leading agencies in and across London. She has extensive experience in placing household staff with clients located in The United Kingdom and Internationally, and Read more..

    has also specialised in the placement of governesses, private tutors and nannies for clients living in The Middle East. Clare has always brought a personal and engaging style to her work in recruitment, believing strongly that every private household and candidate is unique and should be able to expect a personalised level of service. Her rare talent for making successful and enduring introductions, is achieved by listening carefully to the requirements and expectations of both candidates and clients, and by encouraging and nurturing strong working relationships. With her bespoke approach and personal style, combined with energy and commitment to her work, Clare oversees household staff placements at Green Baize Door.