What is a Role Charter?



When Green Baize Door asks a client to provide the Job Description for a role they are looking to fill, we are often sent a Role Charter.......   

While the difference between a Role Charter and Job Description can be subtle, in a large household which employs more than 1 person in any given department, it is important to understand the difference between these 2 documents.

Therefore, we thought we'd take a moment to explain, and define, what constitutes a (Role) Charter and a Job Description. 

In a department, such as housekeeping, which may employ a head housekeeper and 2 maids, a Role Charter will be useful to define the primarily objectives and responsibilities of the team and the department. What it will not do, is dig-down to a granular level, by assigning specific duties to each member of the housekeeping team......

Below, you will find an example of a Role Charter written for a kitchen in a private household (it could equally be used for a Palace, Presidential or Ambassadorial residence or the galley on a private yacht etc).  

Example Content for: Role Charter (Kitchen)


The Kitchen is responsible for producing food items for the Family and guests while responding to special culinary requests. The kitchen team produce authentic traditional foods from a range of cultures while also demonstrating creativity and innovation. The kitchen team ensures that all Food products are prepared by strictest adherence to cultural, dietary, hygiene, food safety and pest control standards.



  • Working with everyone in the organisation, while applying strict regard to food safety, the kitchen team will define and document food production standards, including kitchen opening, closing and emergency close down procedures
  • Establish and document standard recipes and presentation for all food production items
  • Oversee and guide cleaning procedures
  • Collaborate with Private Office, Housemanager and PA to ensure the availability of standard food items and those specially requested by the Family and guests


Food Offerings

  • Respond to requests, dietary requirements and special needs of the Family and their guests
  • Offer variety of foods, including national specialties, along with the rotation of menus to include seasonal offerings
  • Propose new and innovative foods to be included 



  • Contribute and provide advice when choosing kitchen equipment
  • Collaborate with the housemanager to establish and monitor equipment maintenance routines
  • Collaborate/establish cleaning and deep cleaning schedules


Hygiene, Food Safety, Security, Health and Grooming

  • Ensure implementation and adherence to all hygiene and food safety policy, rules and practices, including kitchen and service employees 
  • Ensure compliance with all pest control practices
  • Ensure effective access controls are in place and followed



  • Support the development and implementation of all food production relevant related documentation, standards and practices
  • Deliver food products of consistent high quality, following standard recipes and meeting special requests



  • Recruit, train, develop, coach and monitor kitchen employees to ensure compliance with food safety, safety, security, health and grooming standard


Financial judiciousness

  • Develop and obtain approval for kitchen budgets
  • Manage Food costs according to allocated budgets
  • Reduce waste and excess wherever possible without compromising on quality of food


Key Performance Indicators

  • Degree to which Food Production policies, processes and standards are documented
  • Quality of oversight of Stewarding department
  • Quality of food produced and creativity demonstrated
  • Degree of care taken for equipment and utensils
  • Degree of collaboration and communication with stakeholders
  • Quality and competence of kitchen employees
  • Adherence to health, safety, food safety and security rules
  • Level of adherence to financial parameters



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