For Employees: How to write the perfect CV



Candidate Blog - March 2017

How to write the perfect CV

Your CV must be perfect, when a prospective employer makes time to read the CV of a potential household staff member they will have made a ‘quiet period’ specifically to read the applications; it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to present your credentials – don’t blow your chance by sending a rushed and poorly presented, incomplete curriculum vitae full of spelling mistakes and typing errors.


The value of a neat, up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV), cannot be under-estimated.

A good curriculum vitae cannot be written in 15 minutes – the best ones take hours to write – it really is an investment worth making.

Include a profile or mini-biography which summarises your talents and experience – Consider it like a snap-shot that offers the client a tangible idea of who you are and what you are capable of (Don’t use this to list all your previous jobs!)

Don’t write within your profile, “that you can provide more details if required” – this shows laziness.

List all your jobs, and include all the dates, from when to when, you were employed, then include at least two lines under each job, listing your responsibilities as this helps to show the extent of your expertise and experience. Mention your specialties if you really excel at something.

Include details of your educational experience and be sure to include information on related courses.

Have a prepared list of references (with the person’s name, position and contact number) along with copies of letters of recommendation and certificates and qualifications ready to send the moment you are asked to provide them.

If you have already had a security / background check then include the details on your C.V. as it may be seen as an advantage by certain clients.

Sell yourself, but be totally honest about your household staff experience(s) and capabilities(s).

Understand that the client is comparing your C.V. to those of other candidates who also suit the job – the difference between being called for interview or not may be one spelling mistake too many!

You need your CV to stand out. A well thought-out and clearly written, detailed C.V. indicates professionalism and immediately puts you ahead of your rivals!




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