LIVE-IN COUPLE – Housekeeper & Driver/Handyman | BELGRAVIA

Salary £70,000+ DOE PA


Our client is seeking an experienced and fastidious Live-In Couple to work at their home in Belgravia.

Housekeeper/Laundress: To undertake Laundry and Housekeeping to very high standards. The housekeeper must be able to follow instruction, work harmoniously with the housemanager and 1 other housekeeper, but show initiative on the occasions when they are working alone.

Almost nothing is sent to the dry cleaners while king-sized bed sheets are laundered and ironed by the housekeeper who must therefore really enjoy laundry, and be highly skilled in washing, including hand-washing delicates, pressing, valeting & spot cleaning.

When laundry duties are complete, the Housekeeper will assist the other housekeeper with the cleaning and presentation of the client's 3 adjacent apartments (used by different members of the family). It is to be noted, that there is absolutely no requirement for the housekeeper to involve herself with any cooking, shopping, child or pet care.

Candidates must be highly organised, efficient and confident in all aspects of housekeeping, and happy to undertake the odd task that is outside of the normal remit, such as helping to clean terrace furniture.

This role will suit a housekeeper with a sharp eye for detail, who loves to work in small team, that is well-run, and professional in its style.

Chauffeur/Handyman: The Chauffeur/Handyman must not only be a competent and safe driver, with excellent knowledge of London's roads, and the location of primary shopping areas, 5* hotels and restaurants, but will also be required to work with initiative, motivation and always to a high standard, keeping the cars in a permanent ready state - so that the owners can jump into them at a moment's notice. Handyman duties are also required, to help colleagues maintain the apartment and roof terrace in perfect ready state. Therefore, green-fingers would be advantageous, the outdoor space does need constant nurturing, especially during the summer months, to ensure everything is properly watered and plants are dead-headed and leaves are swept up, and furniture kept clean etc. Applicants must not be against helping the housekeepers with ad-hoc tasks, such as cleaning pendant lights or running round a room with a vacuum cleaner.

IMPORTANT: The couple will be Keyholders, and be responsible for ensuring the alarms are set and the properties are secure prior to leaving work. They may be called to respond to issues / false alarms etc.

  • Live in Housekeeper, salary: £35,000 to £40,000 (+ accommodation & utilities)
  • Live in Chauffeur & Handyman, salary £35,000 to £40,000 (+ accommodation & utilities)




Salary £70,000+ DOE PA




Belgravia, London


Housekeeper & Laundress / Chauffeur & Handyman






Family, Professional / Philanthropist, Formal Household, City Based, Rural Location


5+ years









Roles and Responsibilities

Housekeeper / Laundress Duties

  • Very good laundry skills, including the handwashing of cashmere, silk & delicates etc
  • Very good ironing and pressing, including all bedding (king-size) which is laundered in-house,
  • Silver & brass polishing,
  • High and low level cleaning,
  • Weekly water run of all bathroom & kitchen taps,
  • Hoovering and mopping,
  • Mattress turning when required,
  • Cleaning the kitchen after meals
  • Stocking the fridge and dry goods, checking expiry dates on a weekly/monthly basis,
  • Clean all wardrobes, shelves, and drawers,
  • Tidy and organise all clothing as per the principal’s or HM instructions,
  • Pack / unpack for the family as required,
  • Mending of holes, buttons, or report to the HM if items need sending out for repair,
  • Clean shoes after every use, report repairs as needed,
  • Wipe clean and steam all suitcases after arrival, ensure they are always ready for the next departure,
  • Reporting to the House Manager when cleaning materials need re-ordering,
  • Keep dishwashers, washing machines/dryers clean and serviced, most china and glassware will be washed by hand,
  • Watch over contractors when they are working in the principal’s property, and
  • Help the other housekeeper at the other residence (also Belgravia) and Weybridge (this will be very rare).


Chauffeur/Handyman Duties

Chauffeur Duties

  • Drive The Principals within London and the UK, including airport runs,
  • Clean and valet the cars inside and out,
  • Ensure amenities are stocked and renewed (reading material / hand-wipes / mineral water  & sweets etc),
  • Fill up the cars, check/refill windscreen fluid, oil, tires etc,
  • Maintain/renew congestion charge, MOT etc,
  • Clean/upkeep of the garage, and
  • Clean/upkeep the staffroom.


Handyman Duties

  • Assist housekeeper with cleaning of windows & terrace screens,
  • Water and tidy plants,
  • Clean Garden furniture & apply teak oil or varnish as required (generally annually),
  • Clean bird droppings, spiderwebs, leaves from terrace,
  • Check and change lightbulbs,
  • Basic DIY/repairs, including being able to change a washer or sort out a minor leak etc,
  • Basic painting (applying a coat of paint to a windowsill, or making good obvious scratches to skirting etc,
  • Assist the housekeeper with high cleaning duties if/when required,
  • Assit Hosuekeeper with moving furniture (to allow her to clean behind/under),
  • Steam suitcases after arrival, make ready for the next departure,
  • Run errands as required,
  • Be available to watch over contractors while they are working,
  • Ensure alarms are set and the homes are securely locked prior to departing, and
  • Clean the steam room, sauna and pool area.


Separate Spacious Basement, fully furnished apartment, just a few minutes from the client's home.

1 bedroom, lovely living-room with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with bath and separate shower - all bills found.

NB. Although it is a spacious apartment, it is only 1 bedroom, and therefore it is not suitable for couples with children. While the building does not allow dogs or cats.

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